Covid-19 safety protocols – Lugana Marina


By following the guidelines from the Italian Government, the World Health Organization and local health authorities, we are ready to offer some precious and valuable relaxing moments in complete safety to our regular and future clientele.

Our prevention measures are as follows:

  • Villaggio Turistico Lugana Marina occupies a vast area in the open air of approximately 30.000 square meters

  • There are NO indoor common areas*

  • Our 2 outdoor swimming pools have been equipped with brand new sun beds and umbrellas in addition to some already existing family gazeboes. The distance between them has been set to more than 2 meters from one another.

  • Our holiday apartments are semi-independent with an exclusive balcony or patio and are separated by high walls which are a guarantee of privacy and adequate distancing

  • Our mobile homes are completely independent with an exclusive wooden patio and they are located 8 meters apart from one another

  • Our Commitment to Cleanliness: safety of our guests and colleagues is paramount. We take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and are committed to taking additional steps to follow the latest sanitary recommendations on hygiene and cleaning from ongoing staff training and cleaning product protocols to increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting public spaces.

  • We have a professional Thermo-Scan, the same type as the one used in airports

  • Several sanitizing gel dispensers are located strategically all around our Villaggio

*Safety of our guests and colleagues is our top priority, this is why our Reception office has been redesigned to allow adequate distancing between Guests and Receptionists and all our staff members are using the necessary equipment as per the latest safety guidelines.
In addition, for those who wish, it is possible to activate a special procedure that allows you to completely avoid the transit from the Reception 

Villaggio Turistico Lugana Marina

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Given the health and safety risks posed by COVID-19, we ask all of our guests to review your local authorities’ travel guidance and health advisories related to this topic.

For more information, refer to:

World Health Organization website

Ministero della Salute website

or your local health authority

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